Massage Therapy

An ancient tradition

Massage is one of the oldest forms of healing that dates back thousands of years. Archaeological evidence of massage has been found in many ancient civilizations from around the globe. There is debate about where exactly massage originates from. Considering this hollistic system of healing started over 5000 years ago, it is a bit hard to trace back. What we do know is that the first written records of massage therapy are found in China, India and Egypt. These ancient cultures found that natural healing and massage could heal injuries, relieve pain and prevent and cure illness. They also knew that massage reduces stress and produce deep relaxation. Over the years massage therapy continues to evolve and there are many styles where you can choose from.


Massages I offer

  • Traditional Balinese Massage
  • Lomi Lomi Massage
  • Psoas Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • a mix of the above

My Massage journey

My first introduction to massage was when I was living in Bali. Before that I knew about massage through my very sporadic visits to a Spa. While I was working as a yoga teacher at a resort my interest in Balinese massage grew since yoga and massage beautifully fit together. Fast forward one year and I got my certificate in Traditional Balinese Massage. The fact that massaging is used thousands of years in cultures all over the world has very much intrigued me. When I heard about the traditional massage Lomi Lomi from Hawaii I couldn’t wait to learn it. The gift of massage will forever continue to amaze me and I am looking forward to find the massage that suits your needs.

Personalized Massage

I offer massages at home as well as massages for corporate companies. Don’t hesitate to contact me for a personalized consultation to see what are the best options for you.