Deeply grateful for all the people who join my classes. Who teach me something of their own, every time. To feel united in this world through yoga is the biggest gift. Namasté, Petri Anne

Yoga with Petri is fun – her ability to convey the essence of yoga, patient explanations and sunny nature make for a meaningful experience. Sincerely, Cher (Cher, Australia)


Just wanted to say thank you so much for the yoga experience last week at Elysian, it was the highlight of my stay. I so enjoyed starting off each morning with you guiding us through the moves and making the whole process fun and easy to follow. You are a natural teacher. I came home feeling so relaxed and am now motivated to keep going and have already arranged to see a local instructor. Thank you again! (Wendy, Australia)


Her classes are amazing! She is doing it with all her heart, passion and just so authentic. Clear alignments, with lots of wonderful references and comparison to everyday life. I love her and her yoga classes! (Linda, Germany)


I took yoga classes with Petri at Krishna Village and I really enjoyed it. She did a very good warm up of every part of the body at the beginning and she made us do asana’s that I never saw before. It was fun, dynamic and professional. Plus, she is very welcoming and makes people feel comfortable. Totally recommended (Niki, Chile)

Petri is a passionate and considerate person. She brightens up the atmosphere and I really enjoyed her class. I highly recommend her class to everyone! (Mayumi, Japan)


I had such a wonderful yoga lessons with Petri Anne when I was in Sydney! I could learn it from her 4 times a week. It was amazingly wonderful time to do yoga outside under the blue sky and sunshine while feeling the soothing breeze. In her lessons, especially when I was holding my knees, she told me to do that as if I held a baby and that words led me to notice how important it is to take care of my body. By doing yoga, I also could think about how to live much healthier life so that my body can feel happiness. Though currently I got stuck at home because of the Corona virus, every day I’m keeping on doing yoga that I learned from her. Especially Moon salutation is my favorite! After doing it, I can feel something like a peaceful emotion both in my mind and body! I really liked her classes, so I absolutely recommend her lessons for everybody!! Please feel happiness, peaceful mind and feeling of grateful through yoga!! (Daichi, Japan)

mother and daughter yoga

Mijn eerste en positieve ervaringen met Yoga heb ik te danken aan Petri! Van een drukke geest naar een heerlijk rustig gevoel, en dat na 1 les al. Petri leert op een interessante en begrijpelijke wijze wat Yoga precies inhoudt. Voor mij als beginner (maar zeker ook voor meer ervaren yogi’s) had ik me geen betere teacher kunnen bedenken! (Jordy, The Netherlands)

I owe my first and positive experience with Yoga to Petri! From a busy mind to a completely relaxed feeling in just 1 class. Petri teaches in an interesting and understandable way what yoga entails. For me as a beginner, but definetly also for more advanced yogi’s, I couldn’t have imagined a better teacher!


I haven’t done much classes with you, but I really enjoyed it, your warm personality shines through when you’re teaching and you explained everything really well, making it easy for beginners. (Chiara, Germany)

I had never experienced yoga before and Petri made me feel comfortable and confident during the experience. Petri radiates good energy that reflects in her ability to teach yoga. (Rianna, Australia)