Did you know...

What we call ‘yoga’ is actually ‘yoga asana’. Asana is the Sanskrit word for posture. When we hear the word yoga we think of only the physical practice, bending the body in strange ways and standing on our head. But asana is only one aspect of the yogic path. Read my blog for more info:


Yoga Asana is originally used to prepare the body for meditation. A strong body and a calm mind is exactly what we need to sit still for hours.




About my yoga classes

Whether you are brand new to yoga, or just want to dive a little deeper into your practice, I am here as a guide. Often the mind is busy and we are not aware of our bodies. The word ‘yoga’ means union and my teaching style is aimed at finding that union between body and mind, creating balance.

Yoga helps us to meet life’s challenges by teaching us to be present, focused and receptive. My classes incorporate meditation as well as breathing techniques (pranayama) since it’s all part of yoga. My teaching style is aimed at covering the whole yogic path. I am trained as a hatha yoga teacher and I value the importance of alignment as well as offering dynamic flows to switch things up now and again. The focus of my classes is to make the body strong and the mind calm so we can be healthy and happy yogi’s!

Private classes

If you are new to yoga and want to start off with a base that covers all aspects of yoga, adapted to your needs and interests, private yoga classes might be the right choice. Maybe you are working with an injury, or prefer at home practice and step by step guidance, or want to deepen and develop your yoga practice through private classes. I offer one on one tailored programs to suit your needs and personal health goals.

Group classes

My classes are a bled of yoga asana with philosophy, pranayama and meditation. The classes are centred at an intermediate level with restful modifications for beginners and challenging ones for advanced practitioners, making everyone who joins my class feeling strong and inspired.

Online classes

If you prefer to practice online, I offer live online, interactive classes. Whether you prefer a yoga, meditation or pranayama class, I can become your virtual teacher. In this way I can still see you and make sure you have the proper alignment. You can choose the time and yoga style that you prefer that day. You’re always free to ask questions and get immediate answers and feedback. This can be done one-on-one but it can be done in groups too. Please contact me for more information. Together we can make your goals happen.